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Best Game Prices

Best Game Prices is a website meant to make searching for best prices of games very simple and enjoyable. It gathers prices from game stores, displays and sorts them in a simple and visually pleasing way.

Best Game Prices aggregates prices from all game stores like Steam, Origin, Uplay and others. For most stores, it also takes into account price fees and offers custom coupons. It also supports consoles, but is mainly focused on PC titles, since they are sold the most in video game marketplaces.

This website is meant for people who know what game they want to buy. Best Game Prices tries to make it as easy, fast and convenient as possible to easily see what is the best price available for any given video game. It tries to be as minimalistic and laser-focused on this primary use-case as is possible.

Customization is also a very important part of Best Game Prices's experience. You can disable any of the stores or regions, with more customization options (such as payment methods) coming in the near future. All of this info is stored in your browser, no need to create any accounts or input any personal info.

Launching in August 2020, Best Game Prices is currently in early stages of development. It is also solely developed and maintained by one person. While the game catalog is ever-expanding, if you see any game missing, please ask for it in the feedback window below. That's also true for any bugs or price inaccuracies.