What are these weekly updates?

Hi! This is the first in a weekly series of updates on Best Game Prices. I've created this blog and will be creating these updates every week to inform you about the progress on making this website as good as possible. This will also increase accountability for me, since now I will have the pressure to deliver something every week :)

Weekly update - September 26

Last week was light on the updates, but there are some notable things:

  • Added about 20 games to the website, to the total of 1080
  • Added this blog section!

What I'm focusing on for next week:

  • General updates to price retrieval, making it more automated and reliable
  • Adding at least 50 more games
  • General polish to the frontend of the website before I start adding new features (visual bugs, inconsistencies, etc.)

If you have any feedback, please don't be shy and share it in the feedback window in the lower right corner. It helps me a ton and motivates me to keep this up.

Until next week,

AntonĂ­n, creator of BGP